• 30 minutes $30, 45 minutes $45, hour lesson $60.
  • A $5 fee per family per term to cover incidental lesson materials, studio licensed repertoire, worksheets, etc.
  • I teach within the Victorian public school terms.
  • Lesson times available Monday to Friday into early evening.
  • Booking in for lessons is a commitment for the entire term. I don’t offer casual lessons.
  • Lessons are conducted one-on-one with me in my home.

Lesson structure:

  • I offer both piano & theory lessons.
  • Students can choose to be guided through the graded AMEB system or play for pleasure.
  • Lessons consist of practical instruction, theoretical concepts. Introduction to composition & improvisation upon request.
  • Lessons are geared toward the age of the student.


  • Books are additional to lesson fees.
  • I supply student books. Students usually have at least two books on the go.

Payment options:

  • Week to week payment is not accepted.
  • A full term's fees must be paid by the end of week 2 or by other arrangement with me.
  • My preferred payment method is direct deposit or cash.
  • If your account goes into arrears by 2 lessons or more, your lessons with be halted and your lesson timeslot forfeited.

Absences, cancelled lessons, late arrivals:

  • Less than 24hrs notice or no notice - full lesson fee will be charged.
  • More than 24hrs notice - lesson fee not charged, a makeup credit will be issued. Makeup credits must be used within the term and will not carry forward to the next term.
  • Lessons cancelled by me - your account will be credited.
  • Please note I cannot hold lesson times without payment for extended absences such as vacation.
  • In the event of sickness, holidays, injuries, school camps, etc please get in touch with me to discuss as soon as you can so we can work something out.
  • Late arrival to lessons will result in the lesson be shortened accordingly.

Expectations of students:

  • Students must have an acoustic piano or weighted, full-length keyboard at home for practice.
  • Bring all books to every lesson.
  • To be prepared for the lesson, ie have practiced and any assigned homework completed.
  • Arrive with clean hands and short fingernails.
  • To be respectful of me, the piano and my home.


  • I encourage you to sit in on one or two lessons each term to keep up to date with your child. Being at every lesson is not necessary and can actually hinder your child’s behaviour and performance in lessons.
  • Encourage independence and ownership of their learning by making your child responsible for their own books, homework and practice each week.
  • Please let me know of any learning difficulties, medical issues or other matters that may effect their learning or behaviour.
  • Ensure students arrive & leave on time so other students’ lessons are not disrupted.
  • Please drop off and pick up promptly. I am unable to supervise them while teaching other students.
  • Support your child’s practice and progress at home between lessons.
  • My studio is my home which I happily share with my students. Please treat it with respect and ensure your child is aware of these expectations.